Pharmacy Services

At Pharmasave Gateway Crossing, our Pharmacy is here to make your life easier! Our Live Well Pharmacy’s goal is to make sure that your medications are suited to you and to your lifestyle.

Options for Prescriptions

Having trouble taking tablets? Ask our Pharmacist about making other preparations to suit your needs – your medication may be able to be made into a liquid form, or into smaller pills to make them easier for you to take.

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to see your doctor before refilling a prescription – we may be able to help you out with making sure that you are never scrambling for your prescription. Our Pharmacy team can go over options such as medications reminders, or online refills to ensure you are not without the medicine your body needs.

Our Medication Manager is here to make your medication schedule simple and convenient. Blister packs are available to keep your daily medications organized and simple for you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your health or prescriptions, book a Live Well Consultation with our talented Pharmacy team today!

Free Prescription Delivery

Pharmasave Gateway Crossing offers FREE Prescription delivery in our area.  Please contact us for more information.