At Pharmasave Gateway Crossing in South Surrey, we take pride in helping the senior members of our community live their life to the fullest while not having to worry about their health or their prescriptions.

Seminars and Educational Talks in Seniors Homes

Our Live Well Pharmacist is available for educational talks and seminars in seniors’ homes, and are happy to discuss topics of interest and answer any questions the residents may have about their health or medications. These talks may include discussion on diet, exercise, disease prevention, and medication – and seniors are encouraged to ask questions about their personal health and medication concerns.

Convenient Options for Prescriptions

To make the lives of our elderly clients even easier, Pharmasave Gateway Crossing can provide convenient blister pack systems for medication and can even arrange to drop off prescriptions to seniors’ homes in the South Surrey area.

Have questions about services we can provide to your seniors’ home? Our Pharmacy team is available to speak with you!