Travel Health

Are you planning a trip away? Inadequate preparation for health risks you may encounter while travelling could have some unfortunate consequences. Whether you are going far away for a long trip, or just a quick weekend getaway – it is important to be prepared. At Pharmasave Gateway Crossing in South Surrey, our Live Well Pharmacists can help you to prepare for a safe, healthy trip.

Book a consultation today, we can help you with the following topics:

Travelling with medications

Make sure to bring all medications in their original packaging, and consider bringing a note from your doctor. It may be worthwhile to bring extra in case of lost baggage or delays while travelling. Always keep your medications with you in your carry on bag, and bring a copy of your original prescription.

Travel illnesses

Illnesses such as traveler’s diarrhea, cholera, and meningitis. When travelling, we may be exposed to new viruses and infections – it is important to be aware of health risks specific to your destination and take appropriate precautions.


Currently, vaccines are available for a number of illnesses that are more common abroad, such as typhoid. It is important to know what illnesses your destination countries are at risk for, and get vaccinated ahead of time. Give our team a call today if you have any questions about which illnesses your destination country may be a concern for.

Our Live Well Pharmacists can provide advice and information on all of your travel needs. Book a consultation today to ensure you are adequately prepared for your travel plans, no matter how long or how far you plan to be gone for.